Art journal#2 – Dachau tour inspired

I have a habit of collecting every single piece of paper from a trip – be it brochure, train and plane tickets, boarding pass and even receipts. While looking through this box of keepsakes, I came across the leaflet for a tour of Dachau Concentration camp during our trip to Munich. The visit was highly informative, taking us to the pre and post World war II times. It was equally depressing since Munich had a lot of horrifying Holocaust stories to tell. When we missed a free walking tour of Munich city, we decided to make better use of our time by taking the Dachau camp tour. The experience was worth it and stayed with us even weeks after getting back home. The brochure took me back in time and I wanted to make a layout of it in my art journal. Nothing fancy. Cut out bits of the leaflet, painted a background and put a quote.


I used hardly any supplies except for the Faber Castell Gel sticks, some acrylic paint and of course a wooden alphabet stamp set. Below is the finished look.


I realize journaling is a real stress buster and a means of expression. While some speak through poetry, write-ups, performing arts so on and so forth, art journalling helps me unleash the inner self. It is a place to vent out my feelings, cleanse my system and sometimes preserve memories. Looking through this page years later is sure to take me back to the tour I took to Dachau Concentration camp and the heart wrenching experience that followed.


Thank you so much for your valuable comment, I really appreciate it! :)

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