Art journal #4 -Einstein once said ;)

I cannot be sure if the internet attributes various quotes to people who actually said it – Misattributions are possible, but since fact checking can be a tedious job, I am assuming any quote with multiple hits on Google, to be true! Amidst all the googling, I came across this page which some of you might find interesting, so check it out.

Now back to my journal for the day, I actually started off planning to replicate this layout by Vicky Papaioannou ( but came nowhere close to it. I had none of the stamps used in the tutorial, my drawings looked awful and I could not bring myself to finish it. I ended up cutting out only the good parts of my sketches (the red and yellow plants which can be seen in the original tutorial video) and laid it out on a new journal page slowly making a scene of my own. Since I have no relevant stamps..I used magazine cutouts (mushrooms and flowers on the left) and adjusted by painting the rest of the greenery.

Below is the final look.


The butterfly is also a magazine cut out stuck with a 3D foam tape. I was too impatient to stamp out the entire quote using stamps and went on to cursive write it with a sketch pen.


Again, though I am not sure if Albert Einstein actually said the exact words or anything close it, it does have a lot of meaning to it.Hope this post makes you look deep into nature and inspire you in many ways..

Good day! 🙂



Thank you so much for your valuable comment, I really appreciate it! :)

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