Art journal #6 Teddy Bear

Sometimes I run out of themes to make a page. Though I always try to keep note of interesting photographs, articles or quotes that inspire me, i still have not made a habit of it and often find myself searching for a topic only when I am sitting at my desk, ready to do some art journalling!

The other day, I was looking through my sister’s blog when I found a few poems which could get some help with illustration. One of them was titled ‘My teddy bear’, and I thought of creating a layout that goes with the poem..! Below is what I came up with.


I have used some teddy bear cutouts from magazines but find it quite hard to make it blend with my background. Would love to get some tips on how I can improve on that. The main teddy was separately drawn on white paper, colored, cut and then pasted on to the page.

The background was initially plain blue to which I randomly stamped alphabets to add some interest. Then added some green circles and gave them a golden border. It reminded me of one of the bedsheets I had as a kid. I also used some new supplies here. Got the alphabet stamp from Tim Holtz for a 50% discount. Also got heart shaped stencils and some modeling paste. I made the white modeling paste turn red using Gel sticks and then stenciled on to the page.


After clicking the close up photos, I wish the layout looked lot more neater. Though many expert art journaling You Tubers make it look so simple to be neat and organized when creating a page, I find it really hard and often make a mess at some point or another. But gradually, I hope to be like them.

That’s all for today! 🙂 Do let me know if you require any details on the hows and whats! 😛



Thank you so much for your valuable comment, I really appreciate it! :)

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