Art journal #10 Treasure map

Totally excited about this layout! 🙂 When I saw a sample of a wood-like print from Home Depot, I desperately wanted to put them to use. Treasure maps, mystery, pirates and such always excited me and the idea was born. Though a little clumsy, I cut the piece into smaller sections and tried sticking it on to my Moleskin art journal page for maximum coverage and make it look like a wooden table top. Then used a piece of card stock and gave it a distressed look. Painted it using water colors, burnt the edges and a hole in between, drew a treasure map and a compass on the paper and rolled up the sides. When the piece looked like an ancient treasure map with a lot of wear and tear, I stuck it on the wood-like material.


Used alphabet stamps, stamped a quote by Walt Disney and added it to the page. The layout looked a little empty and I ended up using some golden foil found on my unopened Nutella Jar 😛 to make gold coins. Stuck them on either side of the map using foam tapes.


This is the final look.


Had an amazing time creating this page and the overall look was pretty satisfying since it turned out better than I expected. When I come to think of it, I hardly used any supplies for this page except usual stuff found lying around any  household. Used water colors, scissors, a candle for all the burnt look, lots of glue and of course the alphabet stamp for the quote (which can otherwise simply be hand written). Hope this inspires everyone interested in art journaling and happens to come across this page.




Thank you so much for your valuable comment, I really appreciate it! :)

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