About me

Born in India, brought up in UAE, spent close to a year in Switzerland and now in the US of A – yup that makes my 3 decades on planet earth!

Why Blog?

As usual, I was aimlessly browsing the internet when I came across WordPress. If you ask me if I am familiar with words like Blog-ger and vlog-ger – yes I am. But I never gave it much of a thought – the effort that goes into developing content, its presentation, and the pain to keep it live and kicking. Looking for advice on how to start blogging got me nowhere. Articles were mostly focussed on telling you how to make money of it and less on how to keep it interesting! Most commonly found tips on marketing and maintaining a frequency in publishing posts adds pressure to the whole thing which often starts off as a hobby for most of us. However, some research on my own gave me a different perspective. I saw blogging as a means of  venting my thoughts and keeping it for the future me to read and enjoy! This casual approach frees you from worrying about how your work will be received by the public. It gives you the space to write things to your conviction…your own personal digital space. Now you would wonder why I can’t simply maintain a personal diary if I only want to write for the ‘future me’. I can answer that.

I am not a writer, not even an enthusiast. The few new english words I learned was during my days preparing for the GRE to apply for masters programme in Universities…and the best piece I have ever written was a complaint letter to a firm for its deplorable service! Something which I secretly take pride in since it ended in a 100% refund!:) But when I come to think of it, I have never really written a piece for others to judge. All the low opinion of self has been inbuilt. So the thought of writing a blog got me impatient. I could not wait to come up with the best possible content I was capable of churning out and wait for the impartial public to read it. So I assure you, whatever be the verdict, constructive or not, it will be well-received. And since I am looking forward to feedback, I decided to blog instead of keeping a diary!

If you have read this far, then I guess it is time for a ‘little bit’ on my interests ;P

  1. I love all kinds of art work.. painting, crafting, art journaling (which is kind of a mix of both), DIYs – creating things out of trash – recycling and reusing – reducing waste. I’m all about art with a purpose!
  2. Though I have been a science student and went on to do engineering followed by 6 years working in the telecom industry, I have always been a lover of history, geography, politics, anthropology, culture and such! I guess my mother who is a Social Science teacher stands responsible for it. She always had a story to share in the most intriguing fashion. This fondness grew when I got to actually see the people and places I had only heard and read about. So yeah, I love all of it.
  3. I love reading motivational text – and I stick to the word ‘text’  ’cause my attention does not last for long. It rarely helps me finish an entire book – explaining why I am not an avid reader! In short, my span for inspiration and attention is comparable to that of a gold fish’s memory!

Like I said, since I am no ‘writer’, I doubt I’ll  come up with many write-ups. You are more likely to see a lot of ‘artsy’ posts.  First, I wish to ‘experience’ blogging  and not lose interest in it within a few days of publishing my first post. Second would be to focus on the content.  That said, I start right here, right now!  🙂

UPDATE (after about 6 months into blogging)

I just realized I have not written a single article apart from the ‘About me’ page 😛 All my posts so far are related to art journaling and card making – my comfort zone. I am yet to break into ‘writing’ posts which I hope to very soon – probably after finding something worth sharing! Until then, I hope you be generous enough to like and share the posts that pique your interests!

Bye 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love your About me and your art! I too am in a science field by day, but love reading, doing watercolors and art, and all things creative in my free time. Hence, a blog and pretty pictures on Instagram and Pinterest. Happy creating to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So nice of you to comment! 🙂 How do I find you on Instagram and Pinterest?


  2. Kirsty Georgia says:

    I also like your about me and am beginning my own venture into the “blogosphere”. I, too, feel more comfortable posting my art- though that that is pretty personal, but want to “blog” as well. I’ve started the Instagram thing and a very BASIC blog. I can’t decide if my journaling/opinion pieces should be separate or part of my art blog. Did you do your own blog design? I love it! That’s my struggle is designing the blog 😱

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I guess that depends on what your non-art blog posts are going to be about. I’ve read extensively on how people perceive a blog with multiple areas of focus..Experts say it won’t be a good idea if the ‘other’ things you blog about are not in line with your main focus. So, that is my two cents! 🙂 Regarding the design, can’t actually say I ‘designed’ it. I just chose a WordPress theme that appealed to me. BTW,I would love to visit your blog and instagram page!


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